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How to Reduce Skin Redness on Face during Winter

Skin Redness

Skin redness could be a result of winter dryness or dermatitis. Skin redness could take place all over the body and causes itchiness with flakes falling off because of the dryness. If its only dryness then there are several home remedies and ways of combating the dry skin and skin redness on face, however, if the problem is related to other skin infections then it is best to see the doctor and take his advice on the course of treatment to follow. Often only the exposed parts become red during winter when the skin becomes very dry.

Skin Redness on Face

Skin redness on face can be due to the person being flushed with activity which has increased the blood circulation to the face, or if the person is hypertensive and this reddens the facial skin. Extreme cold conditions or heat also make the skin on the face red. During winter the red patches are dry skin and need to be moisturized regularly to make them soft and smooth once again while in summer the skin redness is because of sunburn and this only happens to the areas of skin which are exposed to the sun.

Other causes for redness of skin could be an allergic condition to any of the products which you are using like soaps, face wash gels, creams or perfumes. Even hair dyes could cause an allergic reaction. Check to see if you have included a new product and whether this is the cause of the allergy.

Skin Redness Treatment

Skin redness treatment would depend on the cause of it. If it is dermatitis then the dermatologist would have to be consulted. If the redness is an allergic condition then try and find out the cause and stop using that product. However, if it is extreme heat or cold then you would have to use remedies which help the condition to subside.

For dry winter skin use a moisturizer regularly. There are several different kinds of moisturizers available in the form of lotions, creams, oils and ointments. There are moisturizers which are rich and can be used only on the body while the face would need something which will not block the pores and cause black heads. Lotions get absorbed and are least greasy to use on the face.

If the skin is red because of sunburn then it is essential to use a good sunscreen religiously. It does not matter whether you are indoors or out doors you should use a sunscreen all the time. While the skin is damaged avoid using harsh cleansers and scrubs. Treat your skin gently and allow the redness to heal.

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