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5 Best Facial Exercises For Smile Lines: Remove Laugh Lines Using Facial Yoga

Facial Exercises to Remove Smile Lines Every time you give a smile, a few facial lines originate from the side of your nose and extends to the corners of your mouth, which further separates your jawline from your cheek bones. These are nothing but your smile lines, as commonly known as. While some believe smile lines or nasolabial fold enhance the charm in their face, others consider them to be unsightly, probably because they mar their youthfulness.

4 Natural Methods to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

Wrinkles around your mouth are the most dreadful ones. They make you look like an old hag and are most prominent on the face. There’s no way you can take them lightly, as ignorance is only going to make you feel worse. This is why it is important that instead of blaming it all on age, you do something about it and try out a few proven methods to remove wrinkles around mouth.

Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

These natural wrinkle removal methods will require some effort, but the amount of time and money you will be saving will make it worth it. Try out these treatment tips and get rid of wrinkles around mouth fast.

1. Change Your Lifestyle to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

Your general lifestyle ruins the skin around your mouth and causes skin wrinkling. Change your lifestyle if you want to significantly reduce the mouth wrinkle formation. 2 of the most effective means are:
a) Quit Smoking
Smoking is the most prevalent reasons for early aging of skin and for the formation of fine lines around your mouth. Quit smoking to delay the skin aging procedure as most wrinkles occur because of aging of skin.
b) Protect Yourself from the Sun
Most people ignore the need for protecting their skin from the sun in order to avoid wrinkles. Over exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun can cause wide scale damage to your skin resulting in wrinkles around mouth. Apply sunscreen lotion with an SPF content of 15 or higher to protect your skin from the sun.

2. Try Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

There are numerous home remedies available for treating the occurrence of wrinkles around your mouth. The best part of using a mouth wrinkle home remedy lies in the fact that the product is safe, easily available and inexpensive. You can find numerous home remedies for mouth wrinkle removal on the Internet. One of the most effective home remedies available for removing mouth wrinkles is the application of grape seed extracts. Apply it around your mouth daily to get the best results. The antioxidant capacity of grape fruits is what makes it so effective for fighting mouth wrinkles. It restores the elasticity of your skin and helps fight free radicals.

3. Use Topical Treatments to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

In case you don’t have enough time for home remedies, you can try over the counter anti-wrinkle creams for topical treatment. Remember that these wrinkle creams are comparatively cheaper (and equally effective) than prescription anti-wrinkle creams and other dermatological treatments. While buying these wrinkle creams, keep a look out for retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, coenzyme Q10 or kinetin on the ingredient list.

4. Perform Facial Exercises to Get Rid Of Wrinkles around Mouth

Perform skin-tightening exercises to firm up your facial skin. They will go a long way in diminishing the lines and wrinkles around mouth. In order to perform this mouth exercise, you must position yourself in front of a mirror. Stretch your mouth to the extreme (horizontally) as if you are saying ‘cheese’. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before puckering it to the extent that your lips touch your nose tip. Now take your mouth back to the ‘cheese’ position. Hold it there for a couple of seconds before bringing it back to a position when you pucker your lips. Hold it for a couple of seconds. Repeat this mouth exercise 20 times daily to get rid of wrinkles around mouth fast.

Following these 4 natural wrinkle removal methods will ensure that you can enjoy a beautiful face without any deep wrinkles around your mouth, making you look more than your age and without burning a hole in your pocket.

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