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How to Prevent Dark Circles Under Eyes using Supplements

Prevent Dark Circles Under Eyes

Although, gene history and insomnia are the primary factors for the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes, essential nutrients also play a vital role for the prevention of these unsightly marks. Apart from genes and lack of sleep, dark circles around the eyes are caused by nutritional deficiency; thus, appropriate dietary supplements are needed to counteract this under-eye problem.

However, before taking any dietary supplement for treating dark circles, it is essential for you to discuss your health issues with your doctor. As much as possible you have to reveal the medications you are taking in order to avoid adverse reactions that may cause serious illness. According to skin experts, Iron deficiency could be one of the causes of dark circles around the eyes. Lack of iron makes the skin paler; as a result, dark circles around the eyes become more apparent and visible.

According to surveys 20% of women are iron deficient compared to men, which only totaled to 3%. Only 8mg of iron are required for men to take while women needs 18mg of iron every day considering that pregnant women have higher iron deficiency risk. Before taking this dietary supplement, you have to refer to your doctor to be able to take appropriate iron supplement dosage and avoid supplemental iron overload.

Folic acid commonly known as vitamin B9 has the ability to help reduce dark circles around the eyes. It is essential to take sufficient amount of vitamin B9 to be able to maintain a healthy skin and good eyesight. Recommended Daily Allowance for adults is 400mcg daily. This vitamin would be more effective if paired with vitamins B6 and B12 because these types of vitamins work as a team.

Those that are sold in the market are already a set of vitamin B complex. However, dosage of these vitamins also needs to be regulated to avoid vitamin B overload. Therefore, it is essential to ask for your doctor’s prescription before taking any B vitamins.

More often than not dark circles occur when blood vessels under the eyes are weakened and dilated. Collagen loss as well as the thinning of the skin is another issue, which triggers the discoloration. Only a strong blood vessels and collagen can counteract this under the eye discoloration issue. To counteract this skin condition, appropriate dosage of vitamin C is needed.

Having sufficient vitamin C inside the body will boost the immune system thus, making the blood vessels healthy and strong. With a strong immune system collagen inside the body will start to regenerate, thus thinning of the skin can be prevented. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for men is 90mg while women only needs 75mg. Smokers need a greater amount of vitamin C, for an appropriate dosage health workers must be consulted.

Apart from essential vitamins and minerals, your body also needs antioxidant to combat toxins you have ingested. These antioxidants are present in any grape seed extract, these are commonly known as OPC or oligometric proanthocyanidin complexes. According to the experts, antioxidants have the ability to help dark circles fade.

They are also responsible in maintaining the blood vessel’s health. In addition collagen are also protected by antioxidants; thus, experts advised that you need to take 300 mg of grape seed extract daily for vascular health. In case you are taking warafin an anticoagulants, it is important for you to discuss with your doctor before you take grape seed extract.

There are still more remedies you can use if you want to get rid of dark circles under eyes naturally. But the above mention dietary supplements are worthy of trying. So, get your own dietary supplement now and see the difference.

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