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5 Best Facial Exercises For Smile Lines: Remove Laugh Lines Using Facial Yoga

Facial Exercises to Remove Smile Lines Every time you give a smile, a few facial lines originate from the side of your nose and extends to the corners of your mouth, which further separates your jawline from your cheek bones. These are nothing but your smile lines, as commonly known as. While some believe smile lines or nasolabial fold enhance the charm in their face, others consider them to be unsightly, probably because they mar their youthfulness.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles: Natural and Cosmetic Treatment Options to Get Wrinkle-Free Skin

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Watching the very first signs of aging is often identified with unsightly wrinkles on our face. Depressing as it might be, we all know that sooner or later we have to face this reality that our youthful days of beauty are not going to last forever. Although there is no way we can totally rule out wrinkles from our life, there still are a few things that we can keep in mind to postpone wrinkles or at least hide them from naked eyes as much as possible.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Given below are some proven natural ways in which you can fight wrinkles in your life.

1. Keep Away From the Sun to Prevent Wrinkles
Studies worldwide have shown that the UV rays from the sun are the most dominant reason behind early aging of skin and formation of wrinkles. The next time you decide to go into the sun, ensure that you are protected against it with a sun screen lotion. Use a sunscreen with SPF rating of 15 or higher. Also, wear clothes that cover all or most parts of the body and a pair of sunglasses. Experts say that the harmful sun rays are more responsible for wrinkles than your genes.

2. Say No to Smoking to Get Rid of Wrinkles
Smoking not only kills your lungs but also the cells and tissues of your skin. It has been found in numerous researches around the world that a person who smokes has considerably thinner and drier (and thus, more prone to wrinkling) skin than one who doesn’t. Smoking releases an enzyme in your body which breaks down collagen and elastin in our body resulting in thinner skin.

3. Get Ample Rest to Get Rid of Wrinkles
When you do not get adequate rest and sleep, your body releases various hormones and enzymes that are used by the body to keep the cells ‘artificially’ active. On the flip side, these hormones harm your skin by breaking down the cells and tissues of your body causing wrinkles. When you get an adequate amount of rest, your body will produce high levels HGH that keep skin healthy, moist and skin elasticity is retained.

4. Get Your Sleeping Posture Right
Avoid squinting and repeated muscle movements to prevent crow’s feet and grooves.
When you sleep, your skin gets crumpled. Prolonged similar posture of sleeping will result in formation of fine lines in your skin that will not go away when you get up. Sleep on your back to prevent these wrinkle formations. Sleeping on your side will form wrinkles on your cheeks while sleeping face-down will result in crumpling of the facial skin.

5. Eat Plenty of Cold-Water Fish
All cold-water fishes have two nutrients very important for the skin – Proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. They are the basic building blocks of your skin and essential to prevent wrinkles. Omega-3 fatty acid keeps your skin plump and elastic.

6. Have a Lot of Soy to Get Rid of Wrinkles
Studies on wrinkles have shown the importance of protein’s presence in your diet. Proteins act as building blocks of muscles and skin. When you eat soy, your body gets ample amounts of protein. This is particularly helpful if you are a vegetarian who is in need of protein. Soy has ingredients which are also known for protecting you against damage from the sun’s rays.

7. Avoid Coffee, Have Cocoa
There are a couple of pros of cocoa that coffee lacks. These are the presence of flavonols proteins, like epicatchin and catechin that are very helpful in wrinkle prevention. They are known to help reduce sun damage to your skin, improve blood circulation and increase hydration thereby making it moist and smooth.

8. Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables
Getting the right nutrient intake is the key to having a wrinkle free skin. Thus, you should aim to have ample amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These have antioxidants in them which are necessary for fighting off free radicals. This way your skin is protected against sun damage and will also look more young and radiant.

9. Apply Moisturizer to Get Rid of Wrinkles
The logic behind using moisturizers is very simple. Moist skin is less prone to wrinkling and folding than dry skin is. Using moisturizers will ensure that your skin is in excellent condition. You must always use moisturizers before retiring for the night’s sleep.

10. Avoid Over Washing for Preventing Wrinkles
Your skin has its own protective layer of oil and moisture to protect it from wrinkles and other harmful effects like that of the sun. Tap water and soaps are very harsh on skin and over usage leads to these protective layers being washed away. Avoid using soaps without moisturizers (or use a cleanser along with it) and rinsing your face too frequently.

When you do not have the patience to see the results of the above methods to know if they are working too much in your favour, you may want to resort to some quick, alternative methods for wrinkle-free skin.

Cosmetic Treatment Option to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Here are a few medical solutions or spa treatments that you can fall back on if you want to get rid of the wrinkles at the earliest.

1. Botox
Wrinkles are formed because of crumpling of muscles beneath the skin surface. When Botulinum toxin A is injected in your skin (commonly known as Botox), these relax the joints in the muscles and allows skin to lie without crease on the muscle.

2. Wrinkle Fillers
You can visit a skin specialist or a dermatologist and get your wrinkles filled by synthetic substances like collagen, hyaluronic acid and other substances. There are a number of processes, like Restylane, Juvederm, and ArteFill that are used to fill wrinkles.

3. Laser Treatment
When you get a laser treatment done on your skin, the doctor will remove the aging and wrinkled layer of skin (a very thin film of it) from the top. This ‘damage’ will not only remove wrinkles but also increase collagen production resulting in formation of newer better and younger looking skin.

4. Chemical Peeling
Just as in laser treatment, this process includes ‘damaging’ the top wrinkled layer of the skin to increase collagen production for younger and healthier skin. The difference lies in the fact that this process uses chemicals for peeling the skin rather than a laser.

5. Dermabrasion
This process includes using a vacuum cleaner (a moderately powered one fit for usage on skin) along with chemicals in order to get rid of the top damaged and wrinkled layer of skin. This brings out a younger, moisturized and wrinkle free skin layer.

Remember that most of these methods use synthetic or artificial means for removing skin wrinkles. The best practice is to follow the 10 natural ways of avoiding wrinkles in the first place. If you have to resort to one of these 5 treatments, ensure that you get it done from a reputed and highly experienced skin specialist or a dermatologist. Don’t try them at home.

Top  6 Wrinkle Cream Ingredients to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Have you ever wondered about the secrets behind a wrinkle-free skin. Given below are 6 ingredients, nutrients and hormones required to get rid of wrinkles. The next time you are in the market to buy an anti-wrinkle cream product, be on a look out for these natural ingredients.

1. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
These are very important as they peel off the top layer of skin containing the dead and other damaged skin cells. They also encourage collagen production when used in ample amounts. Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs) are fruity acids and are not synthetically produced.

2. Retinoid
Retinoid, especially Retin A is well known for helping people to get a wrinkle free skin. It is also known as Treiton. This is a natural form of vitamin A found in various skin care products. These are particularly helpful for reducing sun damage and making the skin moisturized. This will help you get rid of wrinkles.

3. Vitamin C (Topical)
Researches have proven that Vitamin C (Topical) helps in collagen formation and protects the skin against harmful rays of the sun. It is also known for increased inflammatory skin actions providing remedy to various pigmentation problems. You must keep in mind that the only Vitamin C that provides these benefits is the L-ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C.

4. Idebenone
This nutrient is derived from Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and is an extremely effective antioxidant. It is effective in hydrating your skin, protecting it against sun damage and reducing wrinkles and aging lines on your skin. It also makes skin smooth.

5. Growth Factors
These synthetic or natural compounds are known for increasing collagen production in the body and thus heal your skin faster and more effectively. These are extremely helpful in protecting skin from sun damage and aging signs.

6. Pentapeptides
As with almost the entire wrinkle preventing nutrients and compounds, Pentapeptides are well known for their collagen production capabilities. Pentapeptides are also extremely effective for removing skin folds and wrinkle lines.

Now that you know the ways to prevent and get rid of wrinkles, it will be great if you could start staying proactive from your late 20's itself instead of waiting for the wrinkles to appear and then working to eradicate them.

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