Monday, 22 December 2014

Get Rid of Skin Boils Fast: Home Remedies for Boils on Skin

Get Rid of Skin Boils

Boils on the skin usually start off as tiny red nodules, which gradually grow bigger and then probably break down in the middle, where pus accumulates. Boils can appear on almost any part of the body. A person who is suffering from boils on the skin, often experiences itching and irritation. The main cause of skin boils is the staphylococcus germ, which enters the hair follicle or the sweat glands. While the main cause of boils is bacterial, there are several factors that can lead to the growth of the bacteria in the follicle. Another factor that may cause skin boils is the presence of a toxic condition in the bloodstream, due to a frenzied pace of life. Using home remedies for skin boils has become very common, as most people regard them as being safer and with fewer side effects.

Home Remedies for Skin Boils

Given below are some of the most common home remedies to get rid of skin boils fast.

1. Onions and Garlic are very effective in treating boils. The juice of onion and garlic could be applied on the boils topically, in order to ripen them. For best results, mix equal parts of both onion, as well as garlic juice.

2. Create a poultice using a teaspoon of milk cream, a teaspoon of vinegar and a pinch of powdered turmeric. Apply the poultice on the boil, to ripen it, without causing a septic infection.

3. Steep some parsley in a dish of hot, boiled water, till it becomes juicy and soft. When the parsley is comfortably hot, wrap it in a linen or muslin cloth and apply it directly on the boil to get rid of skin boils fast.

4. Use a hot Epsom salt bath at least two or three times a week until the boil is persistent, to get rid of it. Once the boil disappears, use this remedy once a week, to prevent them from coming back.

5. Rub a warm and moist compress over the tender area, around three or four times a day, to bring the boil to head, which can be easily drained.

In addition to using home remedies for skin boils, it is very important to follow a proper, healthy and balanced diet and get adequate amounts of exercise each day. Even though most people prefer treating skin boils at home, at times skin boils treatment may require professional intervention as the boil may need to be surgically removed. This is the case especially with larger boils.


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