Thursday, 4 December 2014

Get Rid of Clogged Pores: Remedies to Unclog Pores on Nose, Cheeks, and Chin

How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores

Cheek, nose, and chin are the parts of T zone which is vulnerable to clogged pores. Clogged pores or comedones can be a harmless type of acne, but these tiny flesh-colored bumps are really annoying because they give your skin an unwanted bumpy look and feel. Clogged pores on nose and chin can lead to acne and enlarged pores. They often form blackheads on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Get rid of clogged pores on your nose and chin with the following natural treatments and home remedies.

Home Remedies to Unclog Pores on Nose

Steam your Face to Unclog Pores on Nose and Chin
The easiest and fastest way for unclogging pores on nose and chin is to steam your face. Steam your face with hot water mixed with peppermint tea, green tea, chamomile tea, or herbs that are known to help nourish the skin of the face. The process of steaming makes particles emerge from your face. Wipe away debris with a soft cloth, and then splash your face with cool water to close the pores. Repeat this home remedy once or twice every week.

How to Unclog Pores using Exfoliation
Exfoliating is one of the best methods to unclog pores on nose. It will lift dead skin cells, dirt, and other particles clog pores. It also helps to clean out the pores so they don't look stretched (from being filled with excess oil) thus making the pores looking smaller. Apply an oil-absorbing clay mask over your face in a thin layer, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. Wait 10 to 15 minutes to allow the mask to dry completely to the touch. Rinse the mask off with warm water and pat the face dry. Depending on how clogged your pores are, it may take more than one application to unclog pores.

Get rid of clogged pores on noseHow To Unclog Pores using Baking Soda Remedy
To get rid of clogged pores on nose and cheeks from blackheads, apply a paste made by mixing baking soda and water. Massage the baking soda into your skin for ten to fifteen seconds and rinse. The baking soda will soak up pore-clogging bacteria and oil, helping to open clogged pores. Oats combined with baking soda is also great for deep cleansing and clearing clogged pores on nose.

Clogged Pore Treatment using Egg White Mask
To get rid of clogged pores on nose, cheeks, and chin, you can use homemade facial masks made from egg whites. Egg white mask is best for unclogging pores and getting rid of the skins blemishes and blackheads. You will want to beat the egg whites until they have turned foamy. Apply it to a clean face and let it stay for around 25 minutes. Get a clean, warm cloth and remove the egg whites gently. The pores will shrink and tighten while forcing the clogs out of your pores. This is among one of the most effective pore unclogging remedies you can do at home.

Use Warm Water for Getting Rid of Clogged Pores
Facial pores are generally clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, make-up, and even dirt. Washing your face daily help get rid of the clogged pores on cheek, nose and chin. Warm water opens your pores, making them easier to clean. Wash your face thoroughly with warm water in the morning and in the evening to clean your skin of oil and grime. After you wash your face, splash it with cold water to close the pores and prevent clogging.

Toners and Astringents to Get Rid of Clogged Pores
Toners and astringents are great and deep down cleaning of your pores, and temporarily reducing their appearance. If you have enlarged pores, clogged pores, you can use apple cider vinegar remedy to unclog pores on your cheeks. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and it also helps to balance the pH of your skin. Used daily as a toner or astringent, it will balance the pH, which will help your skin to function properly. Combine one part of the vinegar to equal part water. Dab your cheeks with this mixture soaked in cotton ball. It will remove the excess of oil from the pores on your nose, chin and cheeks and keeps your facial skin smooth and supple.


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