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Tips for Preventing Wrinkles Around Mouth

How to Prevent Wrinkles Around Mouth

Mouth wrinkles are something that many people tend to complain about, especially women, as they get older and they are start to notice changes on their skin. When a person becomes older, their skin is not as elastic as it used to be, which is what the main reason is for wrinkles forming. Nasolabial folds or laugh lines around mouth usually show when you are making some sort of facial expression, but after a period of time, these wrinkles tend to stay their even when there is no facial expression being made. Many times, wrinkles around mouth do this and become visible at all times.

Tips for Preventing  Mouth Wrinkles

Mouth wrinkles or laugh lines are the most common wrinkles to get on the face because of all of the movement that the mouth and the skin around it does because of talking and eating, and everything else that is associated with the mouth. However, there are things that you can do to prevent wrinkles around mouth from appearing.

Wear Sunscreen for Preventing Wrinkles Around Mouth
If you want to prevent wrinkles around lips and mouth, it is important to wear sunscreen every single time you are heading out of the house and into the sunlight. The sun damages the skin and increases the speed of the aging process in general. Make sure to keep your face protected from the sun when you are going out. Make sure, also, that you are buying the type of sunscreen that offers protection from both UVA and OVB rays. Make sure that the sunscreen has a high SPF rating as well. If you are sweating a lot or if you are at a beach or pool and swimming a lot, then make sure that you are reapplying the sunscreen on a regular basis.

Use Cleansers for Preventing Wrinkles Around Mouth
As far as skin cleansers are concerned, use an alpha hydroxy cleanser to clean your face daily. This type of cleanser is good because it encourages collagen production in the skin, which means that new and younger-looking skin cells are being produced at a more rapid rate, which are replacing the older and damaged skin cells.

Apply Anti Wrinkle Creams to Prevent Mouth Wrinkles
Apply anti wrinkle creams to get rid of smile lines around mouth. There are many lotions, serums and creams that are available that contain alpha hydroxy acids, so when you are looking to buy a new wrinkle cream or regular skin cream, look to see which ones contain alpha hydroxyl acids.

Follow a Healthy Diet to Prevent Wrinkles Around Mouth
It is also important to eat well and to maintain a healthy diet for avoiding wrinkles around mouth. Your diet should be rich in nutrients and vitamins and you should be eating vegetables and fruits daily while avoiding junk food and other processed foods. It is a good idea to take a multivitamin every day in the morning, which will give you the daily dose of the vitamins you need for healthy skin, such as A, C, and E.

Reduce Repeated Facial Expressions to Prevent Lines Around Mouth
Facial expression lines develop from the action of the underlying muscles on the overlying skin. Repeated facial expressions, such as pursing your lips, cause fine lines around your mouth to form over time. Muscle movements we do when making facial expressions such as smiling causes smile lines and mouth wrinkles. Try to refrain from holding certain facial expressions for a long amount of time. When you hold tension in the jaw it extends towards the mouth areas. Make sure to keep your jaw area loose and to avoid tension there. In order to avoid wrinkling, loosen the muscles around the mouth and breathe deeply.

Get Enough Sleep for Avoiding Wrinkles Around Mouth
You also want to make sure you get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night to treat and prevent wrinkles around mouth. Also drink plenty of water during the day in order to reduce the signs of aging and deal with those wrinkles around lips or under eye wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the mouth can make even generally positive, happy people look sad or annoyed. Make a few lifestyle changes to prevent deep wrinkles around your mouth from becoming worse.

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